About Me

My name is Philipp Kuinke and I am currently pursuing my PhD at the Theory Group under advisement of Peter Rossmanith. My research areas include Parameterized Complexity, especially fixed parameter tractability and kernelization, Graph Theory, and exact algorithms for NP-hard problems.

I started my studies of Computer Science at the RWTH Aachen University in 2009, where I got my Bachelor and finally my Master degree in 2016. During that time I worked at various student positions, including first semester mentoring, tutor (Computability and Complexity, Computer Science for Mechanical Engineering), student researcher, and web development for e-learning platforms.

Contact Details

Philipp Kuinke


Mathematical Weaknesses of Cryptographic Systems

Seminar Winter 2016/17

Introduction to cryptographic systems, whose safety was compromised by mathematical attacks. Including WEP, MD5 and Enigma.

Implementing a Board Game AI

Programming course Winter 2016/17

Implementing the game logic of "Labyrinth" and developing of an AI. Student teams let their AIs play against each other.

Medical Image Processing

Seminar Winter 2016/17

The students earn knowledge and skills to understand the concepts, methods and results of a scientific topic in computer science applied to medical image processing and prevent the key issues in each of these parts.

Data structures and Algorithms

Lecture Summer 2016

Introduction to fundamental concepts and algorithms in Computer Science.