Practical Course (Theoretical Computer Science) SS2018

Advanced Graphalgorithms

Persons and Contact:

Peter Rossmanith
Phillip Kuinke
Jan Dreier



The meeting is always Tuesdays in room 9U10 at 14:15.


In this practical course student groups have to implement advanced graph algorithms that go beyond simple shortest paths, flows or strong connected components and are therefore not found in many graph libraries. Ideally, we want to extend existing open source projects, which means adhering to the standards set by the maintainer and issuing a pull request on feature completion. Students need to work according to the principles of good software engineering, provide good documentation and create correct and efficient algorithms. Participants will work in teams and have to organize the roles within themselves. We will regularly discuss the progress over the semester.


Participants should be familiar with Java or C++ and have good knowledge in Datastructures and Algorithms and a strong foundation in theoretical computer science.