Matthias Gehnen
Office: Room 4105b
Phone: +49-241-80-21132

Currently, I am a PhD Student and research assistant in the Theoretical Computer Science group.


I am a teaching assistant for the lecture Formal systems, automatons and processes and a supervisor for the seminar Decision Theory and the lab course Competitive Programming in Teams.

In the past, I worked in various ways the following courses:

In 2022, I was also the leader of the RWTH-team at the International Mathematics Competition and an organizer of the Competitive Programming Contest at RWTH Aachen.

Supervised Theses

The following students I supervised have finished their thesis already:

Publications and Talks

At the moment the list is quite short, but it is planned to extend it in the near future.

Scholarships and Awards


Before starting in the Theory Group, I studied mathematics with minors in economics and computer science at RWTH Aachen University. I obtained my masters degree with honors in december 2020.