Seminar WS2020

Decision Theory

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We study the theory behind rational decisions. Should I buy stocks now? Should I buy a lot of toilet paper today? Should I study computer science? Topics include decisions under ignorance, utility theory, Bayesian theory, game theory, social choice theory and more. After attending this seminar you will be able to make rational choices yourself and will become rich and famous.

Date and Time

The seminar will be held on a weekly basis. At the current time we expect the seminar to be held in online meetings. We expect you to actively participate during the presentations, e.g. asking many questions or activate the camera.

The date of the kickoff-meeting will be announced before the start of the winter semester. The regular date and time will be announced at the kick-off meeting.


  • The kickoff-slides as well as a template for the written work will be made available here at a later point.

Dates and Topics

The dates and topics will be published here after the kickoff-meeting.
Date Topic Student