Software-Projektpraktikum SS2024 (B.Sc. Informatik)

Competitive Programming

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This lab is offered to give you the option to train for participation in competitive programming contests like ICPC. You will be given hard problems (similar to ones in ICPC) to solve every week during a long meeting - sometimes alone, sometimes together in a team. This will give you experience in programming under pressure, since you will have very limited time for the problems. Therefore, you should expect stressful programming sessions (by design). Further information will be published on our website soon.

Note that participating in this seminar requires a registration on Supra!


Very good knowledge in some popular programming languages (like C, C++, Java) are required. This lab is not intended to learn a programming language, but to solve problems under time constraints in a team. You should like to work under pressure.


We will meet regularly in person. We want you to train under authentic circumstances. Bring your own laptop configured with the programming environments for C++, Java and Python.