Seminar (Theoretical Computer Science) WS2018/19

Crazy Ideas in Datastructures and Algorithms

Persons and Contact:

Peter Rossmanith
Phillip Kuinke
Jan Dreier



Kick-off: 0.2.10. 13:00 Uhr - Seminarraum i7


This is a seminar about special algorithms and data structures. Many were created to meet special requirements. Some seem strange but are still useful. Possible topics include - persistent data structures (save a complete history of their state) - parallel data structures - robust algorithms (Partially solve two NP complete problems. For example they find a correct 3-coloring of a graph or prove that a graph is not member of a certain graph class, even tough 3-coloring and membership test of the graph class are NP complete.)


Participants should be familiar with the basic concepts of datastructures and algorithms.