How to find us

How to reach us in the Centre of Computer Science?

The Theory Group is located in the second floor of building E1 (1. Etage)

How to reach the Computer Science Department by public transport?

The nearest international Airport is Düsseldorf. You can reach Aachen from Düsseldorf Airport in approximately 1.5 hours by train.

If you arrive at Frankfurt Airport, you have to take an InterCity (IC) or InterCityExpress (ICE) train directed to Köln (Cologne) which takes between 1 and 2 hours. In Köln, you have direct connection to Aachen. It takes about 45 to 70 minutes from Köln to Aachen. The fastest train is the TGV/Thalys to Paris, which usually is a bit more expensive than the other trains. The Deutsche Bahn AG has an electronic time table.

The most comfortable way to reach our laboratory from Aachen Hauptbahnhof is by taxi. Our sitting adress is:

RWTH Aachen
Building E1
Ahornstr. 55
52074 Aachen

The ride takes about 15 minutes and costs less than 15 Euros.

If you decide to go by bus, follow the directions given below:

  • Walk into 'Bahnhofstraße'  opposite of the main station.
  • Walk down this road until the next large crossroad ('Theaterstraße').
  • On the opposite side of this road is a bus stop ('Wallstraße').
  • Take line 33, direction 'Vaals (NL) über Klinikum'.
  • Leave the bus at bus stop 'Hainbuchenstraße'.

The centre of Computer Science is the large building in front of you.
There is another bus line to Halifaxstraße which is line 23, direction 'Physikzentrum / Hörn'
You might want to have a look at the bus time table.

How to reach the Computer Science Department by car?

At junction 'Aachener Kreuz' take the A4, direction 'Heerlen'.
Take the exit 'Aachen-Laurensberg' and turn right, direction 'Aachen' at the traffic lights.
Go right on the freeway to the 'Toledo Ring', direction 'Klinikum'.
Take the third exit on the ring into 'Halifaxstraße'.
Turn left at the second traffic lights into the 'Mies-v.d.-Rohe Straße'.
Take the first entrance on the left to the car park behind the centre of Computer Science.
You can only park at university parking if you have a special permit and a green environmental batch (the linked website is available most European languages). Please contact us if you require a parking permit.

How to reach the Computer Science Department by parachute?

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Jump off the plane at the above geographical coordinates.
Identify the large parking space to the north of the building E2.
Try landing on the strip of grass to the east of it.