Summer Semester 2015

Seminar course on Algorithmic Learning Theory.

Winter Semester 2014-15

Tutorials on Parameterized Complexity

Seminar course on Complex Networks

Summer Semester 2014

Tutorials on Analysis of Algorithms.

Winter Semester 2013/14

Seminar on Algorithms on Sparse Graphs.

Summer Semester 2013

Tutorials for Parameterized Algorithms.

Summer Semester 2012

Tutorials for the Analysis of Algorithms course along with Alexander Langer and Felix Reidl .

Winter Semester 2011/12

Tutorials for the Parameterized Complexity Course along with Felix Reidl .

Winter Semester 2010/11

Exact Algorithms (with Joachim Kneis).

Student Supervision

Philipp Kuinke (with Felix Reidl). A Survey of Parameter Preserving Reductions.

Fernando Sánchez Villaamil. Non-Common Optimality Measures for Tree Decompositions.

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