I am Fernando Sánchez Villaamil, a PhD candidate at the Theoretical Com­pu­ter Scien­ce chair at RWTH Aachen University since 2012. I am originally from the Canary Islands (Spain). While in Spain I attended a German school. With my German highschool degree in hand, I came to Germany in 2005 for my studies also at RWTH Aachen University. After an internship in the USA at Siemens working in Data Mining I came back to Aachen to pursue my PhD under my advisor Peter Rossmanith. Have a look at my CV.

I mainly work on Fixed Parameter Tractability, mostly on Algorithm Design for graph problems. Lately I have dabbled in Complex Networks, try­ing to apply deep mathematical results from graph theory to aid their analysis and the design of new algorithms.

I paid for my studies by assisting at teaching and programming. I've worked extensively with Java, Python and C and I've written non-trivial code in C++, JavaScript, Haskell and Elisp. I am mainly comfortable using Linux. I'm known to solve this or that problem with a quick 150 characters shell command.

In my free time I listen to more music than is healthy, read a few books, watch movies and conjure pseudo-deep philosophies.