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Our books

Search in our stock (includes the portfolio of the IT Center): More than 59,630 books and conference proceedings.( Search rules | Search tips )

The main search rules

  • All results that have the same search words in all search boxes at the same time are listed. Search words within a search box can be separated by spaces or commas.
  • All variants of Upper / Lower cases and special characters are recognized.
  • The percentage sign (%) stands for zero or more characters.. The underscore(_) replaces exactly one character.

Tips for an effective search

  • Start with concise, but not too specific keywords. You specify the search query step by step based on the results.
  • Look for the principle: from general to particular. Detailed searches may minimize the number of matches, but at the same time may exclude potentially relevant books.
  • Avoid grammatical endings, such as plural endings. Example: database instead databases.
  • Short search terms make sense if different spellings are possible. Example: Addison-Wesley Press or Addison-Wesley? By the keyword Addison you will cover both spellings.
  • Pay attention to hyphenated words. You will get better results when you enter the individual words without a hyphen as search terms. E.g. "Addison Wesley" covers the following styles: "Addison-Wesley" and "Addison - Wesley".
  • Enter compound words as single words.
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