Seminar SS2023

Decision Theory

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We study the theory behind rational decisions. Should I buy stocks now? Should I buy a lot of toilet paper today? Should I study computer science? Topics include decisions under ignorance, utility theory, Bayesian theory, game theory, social choice theory and more. After attending this seminar you will be able to make rational choices yourself and will become rich and famous.
We base the seminar on the book "An Introduction to Decision Theory" by Martin Peterson. The topics are based on a selection of chapters.

Date and Time

The seminar will be held on a weekly basis, after a few weeks of preparation time. We expect you to actively participate during the presentations.

The date of the kickoff-meeting will be announced before the start of the summer semester. The regular date and time will be announced after the topics are distributed.


Dates and Topics

The dates and topics will be published here after the topics are distributed.
Date Topic Student
20.03.2023 Kickoff everyone
24.03.2023 Topic Distribution etc everyone
31.03.2023 Discussion on Chapter I + II everyone
TBD Decisions under ignorance TBD
TBD Decisions under risk TBD
TBD Utility TBD
TBD The Mathematics of probability TBD
TBD The Philosophy of probability TBD
TBD Why should we accept the preference axioms? TBD
TBD Causal vs. evidential decision theory TBD
TBD Bayesian vs. non-Bayesian decision theory TBD
TBD Game theory I: Basic concepts and zero-sum games TBD
TBD Game theory II: Nonzero-sum and cooperative games TBD
TBD Social choice theory TBD
TBD Overview of descriptive decision theory TBD