Felix Reidl

(+49) 241 80 211 34

About me

Since beginning of 2011 I am pursuing my PhD at the Theory Group which belongs to the RWTH Aachen University. Apart from teaching activites and research, I dabble in webdesign, graphics and game programming. Also, I like to draw comics.


My main interests are in parameterized complexity and graph theory. Currently I try to reconsile network theory and structural sparsity. My other interests include kernelization in sparse graph classes.

Fancy pictures

I really enjoy visualizing the concepts that crop up in our work. The following pictures are a selection of my favorites, feel free to use them however you see fit (with attribution, please).

The font used in these pictures is the great Alegreya which is available via google fonts.


The following is a list of slides from past presentations. Feel free to contact me if you feel that something is missing.


The following are my coauthors in publications listed in DBLP. Drag nodes to rearrange, double-click to visit their homepage (if available).


All publications prior to 2012 were during my undergraduate times.